Dj Nikki – Runway dj

Djing at private events for Reebok, Puma, and GQ and be named the World’s hottest Dj by TimeOut UK , Dj Nikki
definitely belongs to the music elite.

How would you describe your professional character?

As a Dj I take my craft seriously and love the art of Djing. I don’t like to be
viewed as a ‘female Dj’ and have never played on that. The phenomenon of
‘celebrity Dj’s’ and radio Dj’s trying to just stand behind decks in a party makes
me laugh now as actual DJ’s have practised their craft for years to be good at it.
Djing is just like playing a musical instrument.

You have been acknowledged for your mixings but your fashion
performance can not been dismissed. Is there a message? Is taste in
fashion and music essentially coherent?

Fashion, art and music are linked now more than ever. Music is very important
to most people; I think it is the most direct form of art and ones dress sense is
the easiest form of self-expression. Not everyone can paint a great picture or
make a great sculpture, but many people can put together a great outfit, which
may look very artistic. Also at the moment, styling can literally make a pop star
go global, for instance Lady Gaga and Rihanna. In my opinion there is a little
too much ‘style over substance’ out there at the moment. I want the music to be
great first, then if the artist wears fly clothes- cool.

What aspect of your work makes it unique?

I try to stay ahead of the game with new music. I also dig in the crates for
old records other people might not think to play. I started out up playing
hip hop music so I have a technical skill which goes hand in hand with that
which means that I can cut and mix, transform and scratch. Now I mix a lot of
electronic music with some old hip hop grooves & dance music. I am not afraid
to take risks as a DJ.

Reebok stated; ‘You don’t follow the crowd, but you lead a
‘Freestyle’ way of life, making your own rules.’ What inspires you

So many things inspire me, interesting music, art, fashion, club culture, playing
musical instruments, the Blues, Soul and Gospel singers. I find being around
artists, great singers and people with an enthusiasm for music very inspiring.

What projects are you currently working on? Future plans?

My future plans are writing and producing more records, as well as doing more
live Beatnik shows, ie. Dj Nikki and Statis performing at live gigs. The other
thing I concentrate on is my Blog.

If you could choose one musical artist and one song that to you
epitomize the world now, who and what would they be?

Prince’s Darling Nikki is always my theme tune.

Interview: Matthew Zorpas/ Photography: Daniel Gil