Back in 2008 the latest reinvention of hip-hop was confirmed, it had its feet firmly under the table – beatstrumentals and caustic, bass-heavy sounds reverberated from LA, to Amsterdam, to Glasgow, to Paris and beyond – and in a little corner of North-West France Fulgeance was busily making his own contributionto the flourishing scene – Black Athena found out more.

How did you get into production? Which producers influenced you in the beginning? I played bass before getting into DJing house, funk and disco… then hip-hop hit me with Tribe, Q Tip, The Roots, Pete Rock, Premier and Jay Dee.


I won’t say I’m a hip-hop influenced artist, because I started with funk / groove / electro and I chose my own way of mixing up the music but I was and am influenced by artists like Dabrye, Prefuse 73, Ammon Contact, Aphex Twin…the list is big! But it’s jazz and jazz funk that persuaded me to make groovy music: Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Ramsey Lewis etc…


You’ve released with London’s One Handed, home to Bullion and Paul White; how did that come about and what should we expect? We were searching for a label for the Souleance project and a friend, Blackjoy, introduced me to Alex Chase. He was interested …but in Fulgeance. I was surprised because I’m a big fan of One Handed since Bullion plus Alex is such a cool guy, really feeling what I do and sure about his wants. This EP will be called Smartbanggin, and will be more banging and smart and more percussive! Also it’ll have a rooty sound, with texture and dirt… plus an awesome remix from a Warp artist!! Can’t say who yet (no, not Fly Lo)!

You’ve performed in Ann Arbor, original stomping ground of fellow beatsmiths Dabrye and Samiyam as well as at Glasgow’s cult Ballers Social Club; what were those nights like? Ann Arbor was really exciting, even if I only played to 50 people; the city is full of great indie artists making both techno and hip hop. I was booked by a guy called Charles Trees, a friend of Kadence MC. You have to check these guys as they’re unique and fresh! There’s also a track called ANN ARBOR on the Smartbanggin EP dedicated to them! Glasgow is funky fresh too; Ballers’ nights are bouncing Scotland and the new hip hop movement. I met Joe (Ballers), Jackmaster (Wireblock), Rustie, Freekmovers; they were all such interesting people. The kids there are fresh and curious; they just want something new they can dance to!

You made your live debut in Athens at Cloud City; how was that for you? It was a great night, in a great place! Again, I met people who believe in new sounds and have a musical background. Everybody was really kind too, so when you get that it’s easy to play well and have fun! I met lots of cool cats including MC Yinka, with whom I’m planning a collab soon; I really appreciated Greek people but the trip was too short so I have to come again soon!