Kristie Muller

I’LL BE OK…A 24 years old Canadian-born young woman Kristie Muller, photographs the moments of boredom and craziness during her nights out with close friends, while she realizes that lately she drinks too much and thus, forgets to shoot. However, she is giving a try capturing them through her mobile phone. She introduces her untouched-analogue work to OZON and her series of photographs ‘Ill be ok’, in which Kristie photographs pictures-worlds by being simply intrigued by impulsive ideas.

Why did you choose the phrase ‘‘Ill be ok’’ as a title of these series?

Not a great deal of thought was invested into that title when it was made. I’ve always liked ‘Ill’ written without an apostrophe and put that title in temporarily when I was first making my website. It’s a phrase that runs through my mind a lot so I figured I’d leave it.

Is there any concept behind every photo-shoot or is it a raw documentation of your private life and thus, the photos captured spontaneously?

All of it is some form of documentation. Sometimes I’ll see something in passing and then attempt to isolate it in a photograph. I like to twist my surroundings into something they’re not, but sometimes I see things that I need to document exactly the way they are.

Do you think you represent your peers’ life phase in Canada through your photos?

Sections of earlier work I’ve done represent specific periods of time with my friends. Several of the photos in ‘Canada’ are good depictions of what was going on for a while.

How many words you could say it is worth the picture, in which <a piece of pizza is depicted to be drown in the pool>? What is the story behind it?

Either a lot or none. A group of us were swimming in an indoor pool and someone ordered a pizza. The pizza looked like it was from a cartoon and I liked the way it looked against the water. I asked my friend Bartos to let it float on the surface so I could take a picture. A lot of these photos are just quick weird ideas I have and photograph on the spot so that I won’t forget them.

Are the best pictures captured from wasted and lonely nights? What would you like to express through your photography?

I think it varies. I have a few older photos I really like that I have no recollection of taking, but I’ve been forgetting about my camera when I drink lately. (laghing)

You often take pictures of naked dudes and dudettes and also, capture awkward moments or landscapes. What would you never shoot?
Nudity is the cheapest trick in photography. It’s pretty mundane and overly used. That being said I still like it from time to time. I like clean lines and shapes that are possible with bare limbs. Most of the time for me it’s just an additional attempt at keeping the photo more minimal. I also rarely like to have people’s faces in pictures, but no one asks me about that.

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