Katerina Misichroni: Wild Beauty

We were introduced to her through the popular TV series “The Island.” Since then, Katerina, with her intense eyes and distinct looks, left for the U.S and participated in successful plays. This year, she decided to return to TV.

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How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

If someone doesn’t know me but wants to do so, I would invite him for a day at the beach, during the sunset.

You lived and worked in L.A for a few years. Would you consider going back there?

If I had a specific job offer, I would go back gladly.

Would you put your career aside for a great love story or to have a family?

I think that love and family can be combined with someone’s career, man or woman. It seems difficult but not impossible. For sure, being financially independent, is important.

Is it easy for youngsters to be in show business?

It depends how someone wants to get into show business and on the things he wants to work on.

As the years go by, do you notice any differences in the way things are done in your professional field or production-wise?

Of course. I feel that, as years go by, things regarding artistic productions seem to have taken the downside. Working conditions have changed which subsequently affects the outcome. It’s sad to have such an appetite for work and not to be able to be in good use by your professional environment, forced to receive less and less every time. Surely, in such obscure times, anything complete and notable can genuinely shine.

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You said that you don’t have a TV. How is it that you’re on TV but you don’t own one?

It’s just fine! I get all the information I need through the internet. I’m not a TV snub – not even close. I just got used to not owning one.

What are you working on this period, apart from the TV series you’re in?

From early November, from Wednesday to Sunday, I will be participating in the play “I agapi argise mia mera” (Love was late by one day) based on the Lily Zografou book of the same same, at the Argo theatre. The play is directed by Enzo Fezzolari. I will be part of a great cast including Aemilia Ipsilanti, Athena Tsilira, Myrto Gkoni, Maria Apostolakea, Maria Karakitsou and Vassiliki Dialina.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Gena Rowlands. I love this woman.

What’s your opinion on the Greek cinema? And if you had to choose what would it be? Theatre or cinema?

I adore cinema, Greek or non-Greek. Each work I participate to is based on the actual play/film, the participants and the working conditions. If I’m OK with any of the above, I’ll do it, whether it’s theatre or cinema.

Do you have any particular song on repeat this period? Which is your all-time classic music piece?

Lately I’m totally hooked on Autumn in New York by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. My all-time favourite ones are Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat and Purple Rain by Prince.

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Could you write a sentence corresponding to each one of the following words?

Thessaloniki: a great love

Los Angeles: anything I’d say, wouldn’t be enough to describe this experience

Bijou: my alter ego

Home: freedom and peacefulness

Love: fortunate those who find it, even more fortunate those who manage to keep it alive

Theatre: my job

Words by: Martha Ostiouni

Shot by Kostas Stavropoulos (This is not Another Agency)
Fashion editor Lazaros Tzovaras
Make up & Hair Vivian Katsari (D-Tales)
Stylist’s assistant Aristides Zois