Leon of Athens talks to Ozon Raw- Interview by Eva Gouvianaki

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Timoleon Veremis, better known on the artistic circuit as Leon, was born in London 28 years ago. He began to dabble in music from a very young age and in 2010, came out with his debut recording effort, entitled Futrue. This year, he re-introducing himself as Leon of Athens and returns with a brand new band, new sounds, important collaborations and his new record, “Global”. His newest, self-published effort, was recorded at Dave Fridmann’s  Tarbox studios, with well-established producer Tony Doogan sitting at the helm.

There have been many changes between Futrue and Global. Producer Tony Doogan coming on board, recording sessions in America, establishing your own record label, are just a few of those. How has this affected you and your music?

I think the three years that came between the two records have allowed me to mature. I’ve come to realize what it is that I want and how to go about achieving it. Most important of all, is the fact that I decided that I want to do something that will last. That’s why it’s taken me so long to make this record, but that’s alright. I think I’ve built a steady base.

Is there an emotion or an idea that you want to promote through Global?

There’s no set idea or direction. Global is a very varied record. Each track lives in its own world and talks about something completely different. For example, the track titled Global refers to an imaginary person who seeks to find peace, while Slow Down talks about Athens, the rise of fascism and the need for change.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Primarily from people and human relations, but also from other art forms, like cinema. I really like the sense and imagery of American independent cinema. I also find inspiration in imagery that I have seen in places I have been to as well, and also from things that I imagine but don’t necessarily exist.

Your stage name is Leon of Athens, while your record is called Global. Would it be fair to say that your name describes your music identity and the album name signifies your goals?

I suppose so, but I wouldn’t want to say it in a pompous way. Global is also quite humorous. It signifies a disposition rather than an actual goal to conquer the globe. It says that music is not of one place, that it is more expansive than that and that we want to communicate with people from all over the world.

Is there a track that stands out for you in Global?

I love every track the same, they’re all important to me. Perhaps the one that strikes a more personal note is Pilot. I think it’s the most touching track on the record. It’s about friendship, immigration, brotherhood, and my brother.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m heading out on a European tour this fall and I dream of touring the United States. Obviously I’m also thinking of a third album.

Would you like to live in Greece or abroad?

I’d like to live in Greece. I like every aspect of Greece. I like the weather, its people. I feel like this is my home. It’s just that for my kind of music, I think it’s important to build a base in England.

Would you ever write Greek lyrics?

I’ve written a few tracks, but they remain unreleased. Maybe sometime in the future, I wouldn’t say it’ll never happen.


Interview: Eva Gouvianaki

Photo by Christos Tzimas