Mirketa Vidali Denim Ambition

Mirketa Vidali has good taste, she’s business-savvy and super creative. At the age of twenty seven she can afford to be rantically optimistic about the future.

Her brand bares a rather light and guilt-free name; No Thinkin. “Too much thinking can harm”, she says laughing. “And this coming from me, who I tend to put too much thought n things, it’s as if I’m against logic, saying yes to carefreeness and no to overthinking which usually leads to drama”.

She loves jeans so much, she didn’t hesitate amid recession to create her own brand. @It was a big risk. For years, I saved money for a postgraduate degree in fashion marketing. When I decided to invest this sum to my own brand I felt terrified but sure that this was my chance to succeed. So far, I think I’m doing all right”.

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Mirketa is direct, looks you straight in the eye and knows what she wants. “I want to be healthy and to watch Survivor forever. I want my dog to live as long as I’ll live and to travel all over the world”. Then she pauses and adds that she would like to be able to give all he energy to what she does and loves, the way I does now. Her studio is full of denim fabrics, threads and sewing machines. And among all these, there is a charming sofa. “This is where I relax with a low-alcohol Heineken Light, totally guilt-free on, cuddling with Zouzou, my griffon”.

During the summer she hangs out with her friends, gazing at the sea. These are the moments she calls precious. These moments help her to move on.