Roskilde Festival 2013 Pt. 3: Anders Dixen (Dixone)


Friday night we bombed into the Danish music producer and Dj Anders Dixen (Dixone). He started his music career rapping in the danish underground scene with follow Danish rap-artist like La Merde, Pede Gøbb and Khal-Allan. After doing this some years he started the project Dokkedal/Dixen with the danish dj Simon Dokkedal (Dj LeBon and Den Sorte Skole). Together they have toured with names like Rjd2, French Dj Beat Torrent and been opening shows for the likes of Method Man and 50 Cent.


How and why did you start playing music?

D.: Because football to me was too boring, so I started playing music instead.


What would you like people to feel and think when they listen to your music?

D.: Pain and happiness. I want people to feel deprivation and attraction. I want people to use their hole emotional spectrum.


Whis is your favourite song you made and why?

D.: A remix I did for When Saints Go Maschine, that is a combination between rock, electronic music and hiphop. I come from hiphop and then later lead back to electronic music, but now Im back doing more hiphop.


What does Roskilde Festival mean for you?

D.: To get drunk and party. I try to only watch half of the concerts that I go to, to get as many inspirations as possible.


Have you played at the Roskilde Festival before, and if how was your experince?

D.: Yes the last five years. I love playing at Roskilde festival, but I don’t like sleeping there.


What is your favorit festival memory?

D.: The Prince concert two years ago. I saw this concert with my friend Pato, and couldnt stop crying. My mind was like, I believe in funk again.


What band are looking forward to see the most at Roskilde festival this year?

D.: Metallica


Which is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on stage?

D.: This year it was my birthday when I played and at 00:00 o’clock, 5000 people started singing happy birthday to me. That is the craziest thing I have ever tried. Next year, I hope I get to play with my new project at the Roskilde.

Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/unkwon-sound


Text / Interview / Photos: Christina Kousgaard & Nanna Rosenfeldt