Teen Photographers – Girls with a camera: Yulia Wilam

Yulia Wilam is a 15 year old photographer from Krakaw, Poland. She shares her time between school, friends and her camera. She maintains a blog, where she exhibits her work.

Who are the people in your pictures, your models?

When it comes to something-like-fashion-portraits, I used to work with girls from polish model agencies, which proved to be nerve-wracking, so now I mainly shoot with my friends, my friends’ friends etc. All other portraits are a whole different story. Sometimes I photograph my family, friends, and sometimes people I don’t know, that caught my eye on the streets.

Do you remember the first picture you took?

Answering that question requires going way back and I’m not exactly sure how much truth there is in my memories. I have a very clear one, though, of a very close portrait of my mum’s mouth, which I have taken when I was barely able to hold the camera in my hands.

In your work there are portraits, landscapes, fashion pictures, reportage images, do you identity more a certain kind a photography?

I’m really just searching for my own way to express myself, experimenting, trying things I’ve never done before. I’m a people person though, so that would be portraits, generally. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? My dream is to be able to be an artist. I’m not sure if I have the faintest chance for it to work for me, maybe this dream will remain a dream, but maybe… I know I would like to be free, to travel, to be with people.

Link: juliawilam

Interview: Dafni Anesti