Teenagersintokyo – Power In Disguise

Teenagersintokyo actually is Sydney ’s most promising new band . Four girls and a boy, a female-led quintet . These twenty-something ‘teenagers’ have shared the stage with the likes of Gossip and CSS while their released EP was recorded in a studio far-far away in the Welsh countryside under the guidance of Bat for Lashes’ producer, David Kosten. Teenagersintokyo, have now moved to London and it is from the big smoke that Samantha Lim, the band’s singer, introduces us to the dark side of pop.

You are not teenagers nor do you come from Tokyo. How did you come up with this peculiar name?

We read it somewhere and thought the words sounded really nice together. I like the alliteration and the way it rolls off the tongue. Running all the words together with no spaces was an aesthetic choice.

Your EP sold out in both Australia and the UK. How do you deal with being tagged ‘the next big thing’?

It was particularly amazing to have it sold out in Australia, as we did everything ourselves to release it. We put in so much work – emotionally, financially and physically – which was a massive challenge but really rewarding. In terms of being tagged “the next big thing”, it’s really nice to have people be supportive of what we do. Of course we know it’s only a temporary label, so it makes you work extra hard!
Having played gigs with the likes of Gossip and CSS, who else would you like to share the stage with?

It would be amazing to have the chance to play with someone like Prince. The energy in his live shows is just

How important is fashion for you?

Personally I do think that style is a form of artistic expression, or at least an extension of your personality. At the moment I’ve been creating mini-characters or themes each day for a bit of fun. Yesterday it was Chanel goth, today I’m working from home so the theme is comfort.

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment we’re gearing up to release the album in April 2010 through Back Yard Recordings, which is so
exciting. Then we’ll be touring for the rest of the year, so come and say hello.

Text:Danai Alaska | Photo: Cybelle Malinowski