Zurich Special Report: My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter

Tom Luz, Betty Fischer and Kusi Gerber formed their band in Zurich in 2006 with one and only purpose: to write beautiful songs. And that is exactly what they did. The group ‘My heart belongs to Cecilia Winter’ guarantees that the answer to their enigmatic name lies in their songs.

How did you first come together as a band in 2006?

Thom: Gerber and I worked on a theatre play, and we asked Betty, whom I know since teenage days to be in the piece, as a singer.
Betty: We started to play music together and couldn’t stop ever since.

What new do you feel that your music brings onto the table?

Thom: Feelings. That’s always new.

You don’t seem to face and dilemma among rock, indie and pop. I think you have managed to make a perfect balance between these genres.

Betty: We all have a different musical background- but what connects us is the love for a truly beautiful song. Αnd to play beautiful songs is our only aim.

How do you see yourselves in the indie music scene of Zurich? What’s the Swiss Music reality?

Thom: We are in no scene.
Kusi: Ten years from now, Swiss Music will rule the world. Mark my words.

What do you mostly feel the need to write music about?

Thom: When something frightens you, it’s better to measure it. And some feelings and thoughts are best measured through music.

I you don’t say a lot on the matter but could disclose any information about Cecilia’s Winter identity and where-abouts?

Thom: Her identity must remain undisclosed. But you’ll find out, if you really want. Listen to the album again. Listen closely.

What is next for ‘My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter’?

Thom: Touring our butts off. Record a second Album. Find true Love. Find the keys to the World. Get drunk, lose the keys in a bar.

Interview: Dafni Anesti