Snack: A new dating app for Gen Z. Can we join too please?

Do you like Tinder? We think you do. Now, do you like TikTok? We are sure you do! How about we merge those two and create a new dating app? Hooray!

Dating apps until now were using a pretty standard formula. You log in with pictures of yourself and a small bio and then you preview other people’s pictures and you swipe left or right to indicate if you like them or not. And then if you achieve the most wanted “match” you can start texting each other awkwardly. Can you know, though, if you really like somebody only through some photos?

According to Snack, the new dating app, only photos are not enough so why not introduce video into the game? This new app was designed having a younger generation in mind. After seeing the success that followed TikTok, the app developers thought that a similar profile can be used at a dating app since videos can create a more complete picture of one’s self. Instead of swiping right to like someone, now you can like one of his or her posts on the app’s profile in order to enable texting between you two lovebirds. Users can also use TikTok to log in and share their TikToks directly.

The idea is that videos represent a more honest and authentic image of one’s interests and lifestyle than a simple still photo. According to a new report from Tinder, honesty and authenticity are the values people search for in the app nowadays, and especially younger people since more than 50% of Tinder users are not Gen Z.

Moreover, Snack is one step further to what we consider safe dating online. The developers want to minimize the dangers of online dating apps by offering transparency and less unsolicited “body parts” images if you catch our drift. Other dating apps, like Bumble, take steps towards this direction by introducing bans in case of body shaming. Since younger generations now board the ship of online dating, apps like Snack want to make sure that it is a safer environment.


Words by: Vasiliki Roussou