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4FASHIONSHAKE V “Ensemble” – Tonight @ PALLAS Theatre, Athens

4FASHIONSHAKE V is the most important fashion project by OZON Magazine and will take place tonight at Pallas Theater in Athens. A big celebration which connects fashion with contemporary art and gives the opportunity to artists and designers from Greece and abroad to express new concepts and suggest in a different way their ideas about the part of fashion that is still charming and moving.

A few words for the participants:

One of the most promising designing duos from Scandinavia, Ubi Sunt, are intriguing and extremely simple, when most of the young designers tend to over think their garments. Swedish native Moa Wikman and Iranian-born Frenchman Aidin Sanati, the designers behind the label, first met at London College of Fashion and havealready been hailed during the Stockholm Fashion Week, where they showed their 3rd collection. Ubi Sunt expresses a new form of minimalism, which exceeds the classic Scandinavian shape in menswear and succeeds to deliver a dramatic style between the garment and the wearer. During 4FASHIONSHAKE V they are presenting their A/W12 “Ensemble”collection.Ubi’s Sunt participation in 4FASHIONSHAKE V is supported by the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Institute at Athens.

After his graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Six Lee moved to London in order to collaborate with Alexander McQueen’s menswear team. Today, he spends his time between his studio in Hong Kong and Antwerp, where he is working on the creative development of his fashion concepts. A rapidly emerging designer, with his second collection being showed in Paris Menswear Fashion Week, while he is part-time lecturing at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and some of his dream-alike and boyish designed are sold in some of the notable boutiques like RA in Paris and in Antwerp. During 4FASHIONSHAKE V Six Lee is about to present his ‘We’re all at the end’ collection for F/W 2012.

Yiorgos Eleftheriades will present his collection «In Search of Poetry». Yiorgos Eleftheriades A/W 12-13 collection , demonstrates a return to the values of elegance which combined with a contemporary aesthetic approach results in a new,”radical”chic. Traditional materials-tweed, pinstripes wool and cashmere, leather and fur- in dynamic shapes and clean lines aspire to discover an essence of poetic fragility in the way men and women dress today. This somber , slightly “melancholic “ mood is wonderfully complemented by a “ non chalant” ease coming from the comfort of the cut and the choice of a neutral “old –fashioned “color palette.

Digitaria, designed by Eleftheria Arapoglou is an innovative fashion label that offers bespoke tailoring and strong silhouettes that appeal to both men and women.Digitaria is a label known for its design with a style statement, merging wear ability with a high end appeal.Digitaria label holds a distinctive style that stands out for the cut, the shape and the attitude.The Digitaria label represents the collaboration of creative thinking and a will to exchange ideas and interact with different creative partners. With the A/W collection 2012 label Digitaria seeks the actual experience behind objects that are being exhibited. It describes an environment where the impossibility of bringing back the past, makes its loss even stronger and creates a permanent slippage between memory and the lack of it. Thus, Digitaria indicates a zone where the usual polar distinctions collapse. Both Lethe and Mnemosyne superimpose the immateriality of images onto the materiality of objects and shapes that remain uncovered.

After 25 years in the field of fashion and photography, Mara Desypris will present her first experimental work in video art. A 4 minute video that includes images from her personal space with music by Lady and Bird.

K. BHTA is on of the most important composers in the contemporary greek music scene and will perform live music from his 7th album entitled ‘Chrisalida’.

Andrew Huang is a Fine Art and Animation graduate from the University of Southern California. His work has been featured at Cannes at the section of the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase, while in 2012, he won the Special Jury Prize at Slamdance Film Festival for his experimental short film, ‘Solipsist’, as a result of the way he uses the human body in action by using computer animation by justify in gat the same time the Creative magazine, which has introduced him as one of the ‘Directors to watch’. His project ‘Solipsist ’, which is talking about the theory of solipsism will be screenedat the 4FASHIONSHAKE V. Through his 10 minute psychedelic film without narration, Andrew suggests that, the world and other minds do not exist, however, otherworldly creatures are being born and get dying by wearing ethereal costumes designed by Lindsey Mortensen.

Ladies & Gents is a fashion blog that celebrates people instead of trends. L&G loves to watch the ways different persons express their dreams, aspirations and feelings through clothes. L&G meets creative people who love to use fashion as a means to all sorts of ends. In other words L&G is a fashion blog about fun and feeling. And it is a labour of love of Pandelis Vitaliotis, a longtime art director for various print fashion magazines. The fashion video created by the L&G team and directed by Harris Farsarakis is their idea of fun!

4FASHIONSHAKE V will end with a party where guests can enjoy Absolut Vodka Cocktails.

Written, directed, edited by Thanasis Tsimpinis
Music by K. BHTA from his new album ‘Chrysallida’
Director of photography Giorgos Tantsis
Stylist Katia Trakada
Hair & make up Dimitris Sarantou
Dancer Christianna Kalouma
Stylist assistant Demi Papaioannou
Production assistant Maria Passarivaki
Technical supervisor Giorgos Habidis
Project supervisor Danai Papadimitriou