DISPOSE: One Year Anniversary Site

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Offering an unedited glimpse into the lives of four strangers, each month, online photography journal DISPOSE distributes disposable cameras to people around the world to do with them what they may. The rules are simple: the whole roll must be shot over the span of one day, a minimum of one photo must be taken every hour and one must be a self-portrait. The results offer varied and often torrid glimpses into a day in the life of a stranger. Over the past year they have published 912 photographs, received 96 submissions from 25 different countries and they are currently up to our 19th issue. DISPOSE just released its One Year Anniversary issue, along with a special One Year Anniversary site, which you can check out here: Enjoy the trip.



Pat Jarrett, Documentarian | Galax, Virginia


Taylor Scaiffe, Artist | Baltimore, MD


Sean Woodward, DJ / Producer (Paradise Box) | Melbourne, Australia


Justin Miller, DJ (HAVE A KILLER TIME) | Brooklyn, NYC