Fashion Room Service @ Semiramis


Τext: Joanna Papazoglou / Photography: Myrto Iatropoulou, Eva Kourou

New designers, labels, cocktails, hotel rooms and constant movement. The fashion Room Service is the new project by OZON Raw that took place on Saturday 19 February at Semiramis design hotel.

Between idleness and movement, stillness and evolution we chose the second option. Renewing our name, we wanted to find new codes of contact between contemporary Greek creators and their public. The fashion Room Service is the materialization of that idea.

Within an afternoon, designers, labels and OZON Raw guests transformed Semiramis’ hotel rooms into pop-up showrooms, with the support of MTV and OFF radio. At 3pm everything is set, the fluo plexiglass wardrobes are full with the garments displayed. A few hour later the event starts and the Semiramis’ corridors welcome the first guests.

On the 3rd floor the Delight playful collection makes you can’t wait for Summer to come. In the opposite room Conquistador Rebel Citizen garments lay, embellished with leather layers and metallic details. Tasos Sofroniou, designer of the label, dresses you in the bathroom, talks and laughs loudly. You stand right before Evelina Litina’s ‘Street Knight’ collection.

Some people browse WeSC first footwear collection and the famous earphones of the label, other listen to the sounds of Klik Records new releases that travel from the music room across the floor. Evangelina Karvoulaki presents the ‘Autistic’ Α/W 2010-11 collection, people in the Affekt Showroom play with Hüftgold colorful scarves and pose looking at the computer photo camera.

You enter Dimitri Petrou’s room, where the grey sur mesure collection of the young upcoming designer has the Next Generation of style gathered.

Sophisticated guests discuses at Vasso Consola room, playing with her convertible ID pieces that you can wear in various ways. All it takes is some creativity. Across the corridor Eleftheria Arapoglou is waiting for you, surrounded by Digitaria label’s friends. A girl is lying in Barbarigos Workshop Couture bed, standing still, calling you to come closer.

The stairs on the 4th floor are too crowded, but it’s worth it..The first colorful collection of Lacoste Live waits for you along with Freddy and Elena Syraka with shiny jewelry on top of velvet pillows.You get a cocktail by Absolute and then you enter OZON Raw penthouse. On the wall you see the teaser video of how OZON goes Raw.. The guests get to know each other and have fun in an ongoing door to door game..behind or in front of MTV cameras.

It is said that the there will be another Fashion Room Service at Thessaloniki…Confirmed.
See you at Excelsior Hotel on March 20th.


Delight summer collection was presented with caribean music on the background and the taste of watermelon.


Evangelina Kavroulaki’s ‘Autistic’ Α/W 2010-11 collection. Basic colors, artistic drapings.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0069

Everyone was impressed by the new Lacoste Live collection with its new lines and amazing sneakers.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0428

New collection by WeSC footwear. Freshly packed!

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0386

Barbarigos Workshop Couture 60’s inspired collection

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0449

The releases of Klik Records shake the rooms.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0331

Digitaria Summer/Spring 2011 by Eleftheria Arapoglou.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0301

Beautiful jewellry by Elena Syraka caught the attention on the 4th floor.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0138

Ippolito handbags along with sweets, from the birthday girl Ioanna, designer of the label.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0193

The amazing grey collection by Dimitris Petrou.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0123

Rough collection, Conquistator Rebel Citizen by Tasos Sofroniou. Leather, metal and techno fabrics.

eva_kourou19.02.11room service0036

Projection of OZON Raw teaser at the ΟΖΟΝ Raw penthouse.


Hüftgold’s scarves by affekt showroom studio.


Evelina Litina’s ‘Street Knight’ collection


The colorful Freddy collection at the penthouse
consola room service

Vasso Consola’s inspirational ID