J’N’C, Germany’s bi-lingual fashion magazine really loves jeans and it makes perfect sense; for a decade now the magazine has been closely following and reporting on all the latest in jeanswear. We met the chief editor Ilona Marx at the Bread & Butter tradeshow and got her to give us the lowdown.

How did J’N’C start? We started 10 years ago, based on a trade magazine. We wanted to invent a magazine that at the same time provides background information about the fashion business, and also looks good and progressive.

Who are the people behind this project? Two publishers (Rainer Schlatmann and Uwe Schaufler), one steady editor (Andreas Grueter), myself as editor in chief and lots of freelance editors, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators.

Where are you based, which city, which area of the city? What is the age range of the people working in your magazine? We are based in a small town between Duesseldorf and Cologne. It is the perfect place to work, you can concentrate because there is no entertainment at all! Most of the people working for as are around the age of 30.

What music do you listen to in the office while working? To be honest, we do not listen to music, because it’s hard to work on a text then.

How do you see the global crisis? Affecting fashion, affecting your magazine? What is your attitude towards it? So far, we were quite lucky and it didn’t affect us that much. But you can feel it everywhere, especially during fashion weeks. Companies are extremely cautious at the moment. Our plan is to try to get better… and not to panic.