London Fashion Week: DAY 2

Ozon is daily covering the shows at London Fashion Week on Saturday through reports by fashion editor Danae Dragonea and photographs by Nikolas Ventourakis.


Kinder Aggugini

Fluorescent colours, snakeskin and psychedelic motifs. Delirium. Inspired by fairy tales and contradicting meanings. At the end of the show even the hard to please Hilary Alexander of the Daily Telegraph was standing applauding and cheering Bravo!

KINDER Aggugini KINDER Aggugini3



John Rocha

Asia, Celtic art and the paintings of the Irish-American Sean Sculy have all left their mark on Rocha who is inspired from distant cultures and divergent civilizations. Romanticism and charm together with notes of vigor meet on his creations that vibrate with the slightest move of the body.



Charles Anastase

Charles Anastase

It was an East London party. Alexa Chung, the gay performers and all the “london kids” that you meet on the nights-out , and then you had Charles Anastase trying to convince us that models look beautiful no matter what they wear. Even bags and sacks with straps.