Terminal 2 Press Show – Autumn/winter 2010

Text by Stine Søvang

Hip hop is setting the scene. It is loud. It is bold. It means business! This Is How We Do by The Game featuring 50 Cent kicks off the show. The feeling is a bit 90s – cycling shorts and sneakers in a fresh mix of work/sailor-wear with huge boots.
For the first time since the launch of  Terminal-2 separately, the exhibition can now celebrate two years of success with its very own press show. The location is the venue itself at 10 pm on Thursday 11 February 2010.
The show is styled by Simon Rasmussen who won the prestigious Dansk Fashion Award for Stylist of the Year.
As promised by Simon Rasmussen, this was not going to be your traditional catwalk show:
“We’re looking to do something out of the ordinary, to create an alternative that might not be what you expect of a traditional catwalk show,” Simon said.
And he meant it. Simon really brought his City Hunters, Ghetto Sailors and Front Row Gypsies to the catwalk.

Doors open 9.30 am

Address: Terminal-2

Otto Busses Vej 5A

DK-2450 Copenhagen