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“Body Loud” by Ryan McGinley at Galerie Perrotin


The Paris based gallery Perrotin presents ‘Body Loud’, an intriguing exhibition  of the photographer Ryan McGinley. The USA based photographer, had his friends pose for him, during the summer, having all kinds of natural landscapes as a background. The result came out to be very interesting. The exhibition consists of 20 photographs and is held until the 11th of January.
Lazaros Tzovaras insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_00 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_02 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_03 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_05 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_06 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_07 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_08 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_09 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_10 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_11 insidelook_ryanmcginley_bodyloud_12