A lost golden city was found in Egypt!

Archaeologists have made one of the most important discoveries: a whole lost city! Egyptology professor and member of the mission Betsy Bryan said in a statement that discovering the city of Aten was “the second most important discovery since the tomb of Tutankhamun”.

According to Betsy Bryan’s sayings, the city was founded by King Amenhotep III, between the years of 1391 to 1353 B.C., while he was the ruler. Hence, the city got its name after him. According to history, Aten was the largest administrative and industrial hub of its time.

The large city was found in great condition, with complete walls, rooms, and even everyday tools and stuff that citizens were using in their everyday life. Also, hieroglyphics were found on different items like wine vessels, rings, pottery, and bricks, which helped the archaeologists to determine a more certain timeline.

The incredible thing about this discovery is that the city was found as it was left back in the day, with the shops and the houses barely untouched by time, which offers us evidence of how life must have looked so many eons back.

Currently, the work around the site is for tombs to be found but also for something even more magnificent and exciting. A hidden treasure! The Egyptian government also wishes for such a development because that would mean elevated tourism for Egypt. Now that the vaccinations have started and the traveling future appears to be more positive, a wave of tourists towards Egypt, to see a treasure, will enhance its economy.

Next stop: Egypt, Aten.

Words by Vasiliki Roussou