Feeling fashion-nostalgic: Rihanna is leading vintage back to trend

While the whole fashion world is occupied with what’s the new trend of 2021, Rihanna has taken on a different path and probably shows us the way.

Besides being a musician, a singer, a business woman running two businesses, the inclusive Fenty Beauty and the body positive Savage X Fenty, Rihanna manages to find time and still be the fashion icon we need, and as of last week, a vintage icon.

Last week, Riri has been spotted out in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of Gucci jeans, decorated with feathers and beads. Those jeans are archived and dated back in the Spring/Summer collection of 1999, when Tom Ford was Gucci’s creative director. Additionally, if one wants those jeans in his or her collection, they come at the price of $15,000 which translates to almost 13,000€, and they can be found online –if you are lucky enough.

What has also caught our attention is the styling of this collective piece. Besides a plain white T-shirt and high-heeled sandals, Rihanna has styled the jeans with a gigantic faux fur bucket hat that surely can catch anyone’s attention, but coming from Rihanna herself it appears to be a great match to the rest of her outfit and general style. Also her whole appearance lately brings us a ’90s vibe and we kind of love it.

It makes you think: is vintage back in trend? Do we need to invest in some more vintage pieces? Generally, it appears that the 90s are for a big comeback this spring. Baggy jeans and sweatpants, minimal XL jewelry, chunky shoes and silky silhouette dresses seem to appear more and more in social media and fashion magazines.

A theory says that when the present is gloomy and uncertain –as it appears now, we tend to look back to find happier memories. Is that what happens with fashion? Surely, however the ’90s bring a vibe of pleasant nostalgia and wearing the clothes that ruled a whole decade can make that even more apparent. Meanwhile, the simplicity of the ’90s is both fashionable and comfortable. Maybe it is time to dig in our closets and find those old gems!

Words by Vasiliki Roussou
Illustration by fk