Art & Design

A Modern Treehouse in Turin


Turin city of Italy accepted a strong dose of green after the  intervention of Luciano Pia in a five-storey building.

This building is an ecological sanctuary for the tenants, the disguise of 150 trees in pots and steel beams shape reminiscent branches bringing the spectacle to refer to a forest or in a huge treehouse.
150 trees have been placed around the wavy structure of around 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour while creating a firewall from the noise of traffic. Trees and other building plants have been selected to enhance the natural microclimate of apartments. The varieties in the summer maintain the thick green foliage while permitting the natural shade and coolness in the apartments while in winter the trees are left bare letting the coveted light to pierce points.

The building was inhabited from 2012 and already hosts 63 apartments while offering residents of patios and terraces and green gardens. You can even see in Google Maps.