Art & Design

Inside Facebook’s New Headquarters


Being known for its great construction, Silicon Valley, demonstrated once again the value of the new headquarters of facebook in Menlo Park.

Designed by Frank Gehry, the new building is essentially a huge room, the largest “open” floor in the world, which allows thousands of people to work in the same level, and there are smaller rooms for private work. Otherwise, this is a huge area with a stunning roof-garden 36.000 square meters, with more than 400 trees, walking paths, etc.

In an official statement on the project, Gehry said that Zuckerberg wanted a simple and efficient site.The building, he said, was therefore not overly designed and has been kept flexible to respond to the ever changing nature of Zuckerberg business.

Shortly before the official move, however, Facebook invited some famous users of Instagram, which is also owned by it, to photograph the new offices and publish the material on the social network. So we have many internal aspects of the new offices on the Internet.