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Absolut Electrifies the Night with the New Absolut Electrik

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Absolut presents the new Absolut Electrik, which brings a feeling of energy able to “electrify” every night! The Absolut Electrik is available in both electric blue and silver with semi-transparent coating and creates see-through reflections.

The two colors create an “electric” feeling reminiscent of flashing lights and rhythmic beats.The Absolut Electrik follows the tradition of the brand, according to which, every year a new bottle is released characterized by its pioneering design. The new collector bottle complements the idea of ​​Absolut to “transform” our nights and enrich them with creativity.

“We have transformed various aspects of night life in cities around the world and now, we offer to our inspiring consumers the chance to create their own Absolut Night at home,” said Gaia Gilardini, the Absolut Communication Director worldwide.

As part of the launch of the new collecting bottle and in order to enhance the transformation of parties at home through technology, Absolut also created the Electric Barman in \ Electrik. There, users can work with the EB-7, the first interactive robot-bartender, to create their own personal cocktail, which EB-7 will make after a few personal questions.

The limited edition of Absolut Electrik will be available in the Greek market in December 2015.