Ros Georgiou: Modern Beauty

ros georgiou by yiorgos mavropoulos for ozon raw 113

Ros Georgiou stopped by Athens for a couple of days, after completing a professional trip in Paris. We were intrigued by her new look. She met up with us, posed for some shots with photographer Giorgos Mavropoulos, and she spoke to us about her life in New York, her job and her concerns.
*Interview by Lazaros Tzovaras
*Shot by Yiorgos Mavropoulos

You’ve been living in New York the past couple of years. Tell us about your daily routine there.
My daily routine is the same as it is for every other working person. I get up in the morning, have my coffee, I get dressed and go to the various castings that the agency has booked for me. I also study for my university exams. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, playing volleyball and hanging out with my friends.

Could you name a photographer that you have worked with and admire?
I’ll name two, Juergen Teller and Steven Meisel.

ros georgiou by yiorgos mavropoulos for ozon raw 113 3

An unforgettable experience at work?
I’ll never forget the time I worked with Juergen Teller for the Marc Jacobs campaign. I was very nervous but the working environment was casual and friendly. Even though everyone working on the set were well-known professionals in the fashion industry, they made me feel very comfortable.

As a model, you are aware of the economic instability and the constant changes that occur in the fashion industry. Can someone make a living off modeling alone?
Even though it is a profession with many difficulties and with working hours that can be extremely harsh at times, you can definitely make a living off modeling abroad. In Greece, unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

How do you picture your future?
I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to make everything that I have in mind happen. I don’t want to be focused only on one thing because there are quite a few things that make me happy and fulfill me.