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APARTAMENTO -Apartments & People


We came across the magazine totally by chance and fell in love with it instantaneously; Apartamento is a relatively new magazine about apartments, houses, architecture and interior decoration. It also takes an interest in the owners of those houses or apartments building them skillfully into the narrative. Photographer Nacho Alegre along with art director Οmar happened to be moving apartments during the same period when the idea hit them of making an independent magazine about many people’s common passion, their home. Marco soon joined the team and Apartamento began circulating at selected bookstores and newsstands, sporting an international profile from the start. Don’t think here of typical interior decoration magazines, since Apartamento features real houses owned by people that could be your friends. We met Nacho and Οmar in Barcelona to find out more.

What are the criteria with which you select the people and their houses to present through the magazine?

By traveling we meet people and we discover stories that later we develop in the magazines. We are very open for suggestions. Basically the criteria is that there has to be something interesting for us, either the person or the home or the story behind it…

Which do you think is the most appealing element of the magazine to your readers?

First they see themselves reflected in what we show and how we show it, and then there is an inspirational component and an aspirational component that both fill people is expectations about living now.

How do you distribute your magazine and how many people read it?

There’s a distributor that takes care of it internationally and then we sell online. That’s working amazingly well. Around 10.000 people get the magazine one way or another, so I guess around 25.000 people read it.

Would you showcase your apartment through your magazine?

Maybe, for a special occasion, a farewell issue or a 10th anniversary. Our apartments are quite normal, we’re not design freaks, but maybe some day it’ll be fun to do a whole issue about our contributors and ourselves of course.