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Baron: The Future of Sex


The 3rd issue of the Baron journal is exploring the future of sex. Dutch photographers Anuschka Bloomers and Niels Schumm are recruited so as to highlight both sexes. In a complex of eroticism and identity exploration, female bodies are merging with male ones and are pointing the way towards the future -or and present- of human relationships.

Guest editors are the NY Club Kids founder, Michael Alig, who is staging his comeback after his release early May, and Night editor, Henry Rubin. Moreover, 88-year-old Polish philosopher Zygmunt Bauman is presenting his cogitation on the evolution of human relationships and the influence of digital media on them.

The Canadian journal Baron has been launched in 2012. The creation of Jonathan Baron and Matthew Holroyd is addressing to a thinking and intellectual audience, that however, knows how to enjoy life, away from guilt and qualms. It is a conjuction of art and pornography, aiming to the stimuli of the spirit, via eroticism. Aν even and contemporary edition.

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