OZON International Summer 2014 Issue


Ozon International is an urban magazine, based in Athens Greece, aiming to introduce fresh and creative people, either established or debuting in the fields of fashion, art, music, design, photography, and communications.

Ozon International summer issue tries to quench the need for something different, provocative, evoking. This issue features people who are not afraid to dare and artists who freely express themselves through their work, constantly evolving. We love to think out of the box and promote a fresh, urban city life aesthetic as a common international language which helps creative people come together and share innovative and pioneering ideas.

Our goal is to see the world and reality through the eyes of those who never seize to struggle, in order to conquer inspiration and beauty, moving beyong stereotypical standards and mass consumption.
In this issue we get into the different worlds of
-Melchior Thersen, a self-taught young photographer who loves to dive into the dark realm of BDSM sex and violence, exploring underground subcultures.
-Korakrit Arunanondchai, an anarchist of the art, not afraid to set on fire his own work and reinvent it again, spanning all mediums with his extreme yet poetic way. -Antonis Foniadakis proves why he is a Greek choreographer with an international career and a very clear identity.
-We see reality through David Brandon Geeting and Petrina Hicks’ eyes, as we explore the power of their lens through minimalism.
-Peter Delingdisch guides us deep into his labirynths, letting his drawings teach us that there is a lot more than what meets the eye.
Ros Georgiou is photographed by Mara Desipris while she unveils yet another face, proving why she is one of the most sought-after models of her time.
Scott Fraser, one of the most aspiring London based dj’s and producers presses play and makes us dance to his dark, passionate sounds and devotion to the analogue.
Moreover, Ozon International 2014 Summer issue is not afraid to play with classic and modern styles, mixing contemporary and iconic fashion houses in a journey that never stops to surprize us.
Feel free to devour and enjoy.
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