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Book Release: Creamier – Contemporary Art in Culture

All the freshest and most promising in contemporary art, as perceived by some of the most important art curators from around the world, is presented in this edition entitled “Creamier”, the latest volume of “Cream” series by Phaidon editions.

Inside “Creamier” one can encounter the one hundred artists, from a wide range of arts, who have left their footprint on contemporary art in the past five years and whose future looks bright.

For example, in “Creamier” we can find Shannon Ebner’s pictures that play with sculptures and language, such as “Raw War”, filmmaker Ryan Trecartin, who probes identity in the digital generation and Claire Fontaine (Fulvia Carnevale and James Thornhill), who appropriate conceptual art and political radicalism in their project “Change”, where they turn American currency into weapons with hidden boxcutter blades.

One can also admire Reena Spaulings’ ham-fisted slogans of protest that constituted “Wallpaper (After Merlin Carpenter)” installation in Tate Modern and artist Yuken Teruya, who transforms disposable paper fast-food and luxury-brand shopping bags into exquisite, bonzai-like diaramas of nature in his “Notice-Forest” project.

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Source: CoolHunting