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Born Again by Dain @ Lebenson Gallery, Paris

He wants to bring back to life a time long gone. Dain, an artist born and raised in Brooklyn of another time, travels with his work all the way to Paris, in order to showcase his project “Born Again” in Lebenson gallery in Paris.

He uses a mixture of techniques -collage, silkscreen, spray paint and writing- and transforms portraits of 40s and 50s movie actresses into pop, colorful images, decorated with old-school ads and graffiti, analyzing in that way, fame, beauty and consumerism in our days.

He usually starts his projects at home and then takes them out on the street, puts them on the wall and finishes them, while some others are entirely made at home for a gallery context.

Till July 24
56 rue Chapon
75003 Paris

Source: Dazeddigital