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Casa Deck by Isay Weinfeld in São Paulo, Brazil


Appropriately enough, Casa Deck recalls one of those modernist roosts up in the Hollywood Hills.  Visitors discover the house along a course suggested by the organization of the spaces per se, which starts from the top level concentrating the social areas – veranda, restroom, lounge, dining room and den – and service areas – kitchen, laundry, servants’ lounge. The main entrance  leads across the thick garden that firstly reveals the swimming pool, then an open lawn and, finally, the large veranda with hammocks hanging from the stilts supporting the slab, whose top serves as a solarium overlooking the city. Beyond the veranda, along its whole extension, an ample room with Travertine marble floors and wooden ceiling is split into two lounge areas and a dining room by wooden partitions.

Text: Iraklis Taxiarhis


“The cinema is without a doubt one of the strongest influences in my life,” says architect Isay Weinfeld, who designed Alan and Ticiana Strozenberg’s home. Weinfeld says his architecture shares cinema’s concern “with light, with rhythm, with suspense, with symmetry and asymmetry” and he tries to lead people through his buildings “in the same way a filmmaker leads the spectator through a movie.”

big-reveal-garden big-reveal-living-room-2 big-reveal-living-room-3 big-reveal-living-room big-reveal-patio big-reveal-pool