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The Cave Suite in Santorini Will Make You Long for the Upcoming Summer

patsios santorini 2

Santorini is a wonderful place. Just imagine how a hotel like the 1864 – The Sea Captain’s House can make it even better.

As its name already suggests, the place used to be the residence of a captain in the 19th century. Architecture firm PATSIOS Architecture has recently renovated one of its suites, the Cave Suite. The accomodation has turned into a total white hideaway for the visitor, who can feel the island’s aura all over the place.

The suite is suitable for 2-4 people, since it consists of  two bedrooms, two dressing areas and two bathrooms, with white marble. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the surrounding at any time, by going to their terrace or just hide from the Grecian sun for a while inside the private yard.