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Ceylan Sahin Eker Photographs Her Cute Son Every Thursday!

baby ceylan sahin 2

Αrtist Ceylan Sahin Eker does not restrain her creativity in her artwork. Having given birth quite recently, she is sharing with us the cutest images of her son.

Timur is only 9 months old and his onesies collection is full of witty messages. The photo series is called Happy Thursdays and as you can easily imagine, a new photo is added to the collection each Thursday. And the surroundings of each photo are connected to the message of each garment.

First it was just a fun thing to do for memories. My son was born on a Thursday. Until his birth I bought so many funny onesies but when you give birth to a child in the middle of a winter storm (biggest in years in Boston) you have no place to use them. So I started taking his picture every Thursday with a funny onesie with my iPhone to post on Instagram. Quickly this became my Thursday ritual. Unfortunately when I tried to get them printed I realized they were really muddy and low-res pictures. Oh no! So things started getting serious. I took out my Canon and started to take this a bit more seriously”.