Is this What You and Your Lover Look like in Bed?


Photographer Wanda Martin captures the fluidity of relationships, regardless of gender and sexuality in the most easy and more personal side. And this is none other than theri bed.

“My goal was to explore the nature of sexual fluidity and to show the similarity between heterosexual and homosexual relationships,” says Martin. “I try to help them celebrate love and understand that it is not dependent on gender or sexuality .This is why I shoot couples in their rooms in a private environment. »

The Lovers exhibition captures couples, in low light, that have engaged in close physical poses. Couples are friends or colleagues of Martin, as it was more comfortable to photograph these natural moments. “This means that I can show one side of contemporary culture of our youth in a more honest way,” he says.

Martin is following dominant themes of acceptance of sexuality and identity in her work. She explains: “Obviously I do not think my work alone can change the world, but I honestly believe that if more photographers and artists focus on contemporary culture issues of gender, this would have a tremendous influence on the acceptance of these issues in society. ”