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How Much Money Does Cara Delevingne Make Every Day?


Everyone loves the issues that have to do with money and wealth.However, in the case of Cara Delevingne it is hard for anyone not to feel jealous.

According to her own company, Cara & Co., the 23 years of model, actress and brow idol, won a total of £3 mil., which is more than $4.5 mil. this calendar year. Now of course some of this revenue came from her role in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, while the set of income comes from various modeling contracts for brands such as Chanel, Fendi, Burberry and others.

So how much does she earn per day? Both The Daily Mail and Teen Vogue appreciated that Delevingne makes $13,057 every 24 hours, perhaps enough to cover her entire body with lion tattoos.