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Dad Builds a Tree House inside his Daughter’s bedroom!

dad-builds-a-tree-in-his-daughters-bedroom 2

Who doesn’t love tree houses since childhood? This must have been the thought of a dad who decided to build a standard tree house, not in the garden, but in his daughter’s bedroom!

Influenced by the stories of Disney and taking advantage of his experience as a designer of video games, Radamshore (his nickname in reddit) grabbed the eye of the media, thanks to his inexhaustible creativity. Firstly, he designed a small model of the tree house, in order to avoid any possible difficulty and then he constructed the skeleton of the tree out of steel rod. He even had welding courses, in order to be able to complete it himself and to make sure it was strong enough to support climbing and the weight of two children on top. Then he added water and cement, painted it and decorated it appropriately.

The room cost $4,250 (renovation included) and it took 350 hours to complete.

Here’s what the bedroom looked like before:


And this is how it looks like now:


Unknown if this is the best dad in the world. But certainly, this is the happiest daughter worldwide!