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Daniel Arsham’s “Future Is Always Now”


“Future Is Αlways Now” claims Daniel Arsham, with his 9th personal exhibition in Galerie Perrotin of Paris. He is presenting 20 sculptures with music as their main theme, such as microphones, guitars or a walkman. He is constructing tools, that time has affected them, by using material like obsidian and steel.

Designed in a way to resemble fossil of an upcomping archaeological site, they are causing queries relevant to time’s linearity and the parallel history evolution. The hurricane that struck his hometown, Miami, in 1992, and his childhood have affected him, and it is almost impossible  for him, not to focus his work on nature’s force and the potential destruction of the present. And for his work, he is not only aiming to its violent catastrophe, but also to its natural course, which is inevitable.

Arsham chooses to comment on life and present by using everyday objects, not as what they are right now, but as what they are going to be in the future. A memory, through a time filter. A memory that will tell us that we have once lived it, forgetting it will never come back. Because we don’t know what future will bring us, but we know that present will lead to it. Its the overture of a future, which is actually, always by our side.

The exhibition, which has been open since June 12th, is scheduled to last until July, 26th.

Daniel Arsham,

Galerie Perrotin,