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David Marinos: “I wanna make an Art Factory, and make Art on other Planets”

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Born to a Greek father and a Ukranian mother, 16 year old photographer David Marinos, is definitely someone you take notice of, not just because of his talent, but also because he dares to express it at such a young age. 

With his poet mother offering him plenty of sights and sounds of art and their combination with his experiences all over the world, David Marinos had no choice but indulge with the art world. He started toying with the world of photography at the age of 11, while attending an art Academy in Oregon. And after that, he got in touch with digital imagery, combined with photography ever since, so as to create his own artwork.

Nowadays, at the grand old age of 16, he wants to build an Art Factory and ideally create art for other planets. And since the latter part is slightly difficult for the time being, he is focused on the former. Besides creating digital artwork, paintings and installations, he is the founder of “Lucent Kids, a network made up of various teenager artists all over the world, creating an art production collective.

His artistic status is not limited to photography and installation. At the age of 12, back in Oregon of the US, Marinos created his first paper dress, as a project for a class of sculpture and on that grounds he teamed up with an American friend, and they launched”Icey Clothes“, a streetwear-futuristic brand. Seems as if age is not an obstacle for Marinos, who is taking up everything that has to do with art.

One can meet David Marinos and his series of work on the naked body named “Invisible Light” on October 29th, during the opening of “Atopos Unlocked“, a program by cultural foundation Atopos cvc, curated by Vassilis Zidianakis. “Atopos Unlocked” research on the naked body will be on display at Atopos cvc (72 Salaminos st., Metaxourgio) and it will be open for free, on November 5th, 12th and 19th. A major part of Atopos Unlocked is “Occupy Atopos”, some kind of Open Studio, which is launched with Marinos’ participation and his artwork’s display. This research’s “results” will be included in a special edition, named “U”” and it will be presented at the Parisian la Gaîté lyrique in 2015.

So, are we still thinking that this young generation of tumblr users and mass information consumers is still indifferent?

*David Marinos’ residency in Atopos cvc from October, 29th until November, 19th.

*Words by Kristel Liakou

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