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Doors Reinvented by Klemens Torggler


Austrian artist Klemens Torggler uses a folding and pivoting system to collapse and roll the door to one side. Klemens Torggler’s door is an invention based on rotating squares, special construction makes it possible to move the door sideways without the use of tracks. This technical trick opens up new applications for the door.

Evolution-Door-by-Klemens-Torggler-Dezeen-1 Evolution-Door-reinvented-with-folding-mechanism-by-Klemens-Torggler-Dezeen-2 Evolution-Door-reinvented-with-folding-mechanism-by-Klemens-Torggler-Dezeen-3 Evolution-Door-reinvented-with-folding-mechanism-by-Klemens-Torggler-Dezeen-4  Evolution-Door-reinvented-with-folding-mechanism-by-Klemens-Torggler-Dezeen-6

His most recent system with triangles, compared to all systems before, makes it possible to place the squares one upon the other in the final positions of the door. See the pictures and the video below :