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Electric Scooter Fashioned Out Of Compressed Flowers


Dutch designers Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya of Waarmakers have designed an electric scooter made out of compressed plants(!).

The Be.e Scooter, which was created for sustainable mobility company Van.Eko, has a frameless body made from natural fiber-reinforced composites or NFC’s instead of the usual plastic and metal. NFCs are basically an eco-frendlier version of the more commonly known glass-fibre composites. Instead of glass-fibres, flax and bio-resin were used to make the body of the scooter lightweight, but strong and sustainable.

The Be.e Electric Scooter allows for up to two hours of driving at a 60-km range and is suited for cold and wet weather since it was developed and tested in the Netherlands, which is known for such type of weather. The scooter is fitted with a 600 W charger that allows users to charge the scooter at a rate of 20km/h. Van.Eko offers a five-year warranty on all parts and also has a KM plan to help with repairs in case the rider gets stranded somewhere.

This “green” electric scooter is a collaboration with InHolland University of Applied SciencesNPSP composites, and Van.Eko.