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JCP_Ligomancer by CTRLZAK

[JCP is an eclectic brand that aims to change the design status quo in a revolutionary way.]

Brainchild of a radical think tank held in Milan in 2015, JCP was conceived by architect Livio Ballabio and is orchestrated by CTRLZAK studio. A fusion between art and design, the brand’s creations blend classic and contemporary style in a surprising new idiom that defies the norms.

The collection is a compendium of styles, that reveals veiled similarities with contemporary artworks. Each piece has a sort of double identity that makes its’ design special. The alchemy of the collection consists in the narrative talent of the products, which despite their scant architecture, are capable of evoking stories both fabled and noble, giving this way a theatricality to the achievement.

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by Nadia Vlasopoulou