The Hollywood Stars of 1940-1950 in… Few Clothes! (And Numerous Rumours in their Assets)


[Who said that nude photography is a trademark of the modern era?]

The Hollywood stars always had in mind that the less they would put on in a photo shoot, the more attention they would manage to draw. Even if the standards were different at the time.

Behind the closed doors of Hollywood, bisexual rumors about many of the most acclaimed actors of the golden age of the American cinema were not .. just rumours. Though coming out is not recommended by movie agents and producers even today, under the pretext that it puts the actors’ career at risk (and and a lot of them in the blacklist), what actually happened back then was always a well guarded secret.

… Or maybe not. The rumours that James Dean and Marlon Brando were bisexual (attention: not gay) are holding up until today. Is it true, however, that James Dean was the only man who sexually turned down Marlon Brando? Brando himself  has commented on the erotic past of Paul Newman, saying that he was even more bisexual than he was! Then, it is said that Montgomery Clift had sex with countless Hollywood stars, including Rock Hudson. Tony Curtis admitted in 2008, in his memoir “American Prince”, his bisexual past (we repeat: not gay), while gay agent Henry Wlison was supposed to be responsible for building the careers of many stars (and later for destroying them – for obvious reasons.) What about the love affair between Antony Perkins and Tab Hunter which was “canceled” by the studio, well before he became famous with “Psycho”? Conclusion (for back then): “Bisexual is the new Homosexual”.

Nevertheless, we have collected for you the sexiest celebrities’ photo shoots of the decade 1940-1950 and we want to raise the following question: if even half of what we’ve heard of is true, what might be happening behind the closed doors of Hollywood.. today?