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Fashion Illustrations By Ignasi Monreal


Ignasi Monreal is a 90’s child, born and raised at Barcelona. His work is featured in V Magazine Spain, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Vogue Spain, ODDA Magazine or Varon Magazine. Ignasi Monreal is an illustrator that transforms fashion images into a colorful works of art. After studying Comic and Illustration at the Escola Joso, he moved to Madrid where he continued his studies on Design and Communication.

Versace-Ignasi-Monreal-723x1024 headerbyignasi-275x275 Ignasi-Monreal Ignasi-Monreal_01 Ignasi-Monreal_02 Ignasi-Monreal_03 Ignasi-Monreal_3 Ignasi-Monreal_05 Ignasi-Monreal_06 Ignasi-Monreal_07 Ignasi-Monreal_09 Ignasi-Monreal_10 Ignasi-Monreal_11