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Frank Gehry Designed the Louis Vuitton Boutique Showcases for Month September

The Louis Vuitton Foundation will be delivered by October. Until then, Louis Vuitton and Frank Gehry, the famous architect of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, the Walt Disney Concert Hall at Los Angeles and the Vitra Design Museum at Weil am Rhein in Germany, have strengthened their relationship and their collaboration has intrude other design fields, too. Τhis means that after designing a bag and a suitcase for the “Icons and Iconoclasts” project of the French house, Gehry, who is among the architectural Deconstruction founders, designed the boutique showcases for month September.

The curved metallic structures -a Gehry trademark- remind of sails and set a scenery that can travel passersby to the sea. The grey, dusky pink and blue that the architect has chosen make no reference to his close friend, Frank Stella’s art, but the way these elements are organized bring to mind the artist’s paintings. Moreover, given the fact that 85-year-old Gehry is still an active arhitect and his style remains synchronous, taking advantage of technology is inevitable. Smartphone users can scan the code on the door, so as to have a preview of more exclusive material.

While we are still waiting for the other two collaborations of Louis Vuitton with Frank Gehry, the showcases design could only be seen as the perfect overture.