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G(ρ)eek to the bone: A new collection by Katerina Ioannidis


For all those who look on the bright side of life, don’t stop dreaming and keep Greek summer deep in their hearts; to all the Greeks and all those that feel like one, G(ρ)eek to the bone is the new collection of Katerina Ioannidis & Co. Despite its great success in the greek market, the collection was first designed and sold in the USA. While trying to create a jewellery collection that’s fresh but also classic, stylish and strongly symbolic at the same time, they rejected everything that would stereotypically remind Greece in an American’s mind. As a result, they created a collection out of bones’ shapes.

Katerina Ioannidis & Co was founded in Thessaloniki in 1999 by Katerina Ioannidis and her husband Nikolas Navrozidis. It’s one of the most successful brands, not only in Greece but also abroad, because of their characteristic references to art and lore. Incorporating greek elements is “an integral part of their job, without being  the main goal, though”.