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An Old Workshop Is Being Transformed Into a Modern House


An old workshop in Montreal, Canada, is being transformed into a modern house by the Atelier Moderno company. In the 1950s inspired house lives a father with his two sons and a dog. The modern residence with its wide corridor and its open living room, doesn’t even remotely reminds of its old look. The ceilings of the house which remain exposed and painted white and the skylights give access to the natural daylight to enter the house, something that lowers the lighting costs. The use of wood and the earth-y tones, paired with black and shades of grey, create a sense of warmth in the rather minimal house. The stainless kitchen appliances and the white kitchen island give a contemporary look in the interior space. The designers have taken advantage of every single space of the house by even creating a green roof terrace, where the residents can have access to by the single staircase.