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Easyart Presents Hormazd Narielwalla


Hormazd Narielwalla makes a research of the human body. He does so in an abstract way, by making use of old tailorng techniques with their counterpart contemporary ones. He finally creates really impressive prints, which consist of pieces coming from multiple eras, from the 20s, the 70s, which suggest a new interpretation of the techniques, the patterns as abstract pictures of the human body. Freed from functionality, and deadlines, his figures are both space and time autonomous, remaining beautiful in a unique way.

Easyart hosts a limited edition of 7 prints of the London-based artist. At the same time, 2,000 black taxis will be presenting a video of Narielwalla’s creative procedure, for six weeks, while driving around London.

Gyr King of Easyart comments ““It’s exciting that we’re able to show off exciting young artists like Hormazd in this way, through the short film and the signed limited edition range available on Easyart. We are delighted  to be able to bring his fantastic work to a much wider audience, who might not otherwise have discovered him”.

Hormazd Narielawalla says of their collaboration, “I chose to collaborate with Easyart for my debut collection of limited edition prints because the quality of the prints they produce is impeccable, and everything the online art retailer produces is made in the UK, which is a rarity. Easyart allows an audience to access works of art outside of an intimidating gallery context, where art can be perceived as inaccessible”.