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Hosted In Athens, 2+2=5 at 3137

Under the “Hosted In Athens” project, the 3137 launches the 2+2=5 exhibition, on Wednesday on 23 May at 20:00. The artists, that participate, using as reference the biomorphic forms, attempt to negate the notion of self-evident truth of our everyday lifes. Konstantinos Pettas represent inaccessible symbols and examines the relationship of humans with the supernatural, while Foteini Chandra creates volumes out of fabric, referring to internal elements of the human body and examines how it is reversed what is underneath the surface when it is revealed.
Additionally, 3137 shall host a dinner party “FIRST COME FIRST SERVED” on May, 25 at 20:00, where guests will be treated to cool and imaginative dishes. Formal dress is required.

The exhibition is part of the Hosted In Athens project.

Opening Hours: daily 17.00- 20.00
3 137, Mavromichali 137, Athens