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How is Female Sexuality Illustrated Nowadays?


For Polly Nor, the modern woman is sexually liberated and has no reason to be jealous of the male libido. Even if she doesn’t follow the trivial beauty standards imposed by our society.

The girl of the 21st century has nothing to do with the image of women portrayed in the media and in pornography. She takes selfies in the mirror, masturbates in front of her computer, makes love with her demons, an indication of how Polly Nor sees her former boyfriends: hard to fight and even harder to forget. As she told Dazed: “With my illustrations I offer an alternative view on sexuality, relationships and emotions from a modern-day female perspective.” Her work might involve a good dose of satire, but the truth is that female sexuality has never been illustrated in such a realistic – if not brutal – manner before. And imagine that her inspiration are the funny messages, the angry tweets and the clumsy selfies we all like to take now and then.