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The Girl who will Tattoo your Name on her Body


“I am my own personal canvas” says Illma Gore and grasps the interest of thousands of people worldwide.

This has to do with a campaign, an artistic experiment we would say, where  Gore covers her body with tattoo names that belong to strangers from around the world. When asked “why cover yourself in other people’s names”, she replies that it is a piece of art that can not be sold and that as an artist herself, she prefers to fill her body with tattoos now that is still young, rather than become sick and old and knit mittens for lobsters,  she states in her early interview.

The whole concept is indeed particularly cheap since one can carve his name on the young artist’s body for only $ 10. All proceeds will go to the artists as well as exhibitions and all donations are  made through The greater the donation, the greater Gore’s offer. It is said that it will take 60 hours to perfect the tattoos and some of them will be happening live in the exhibition which is organized especially for the public to see in L.A. at the end of March.