A problematic and dependent family won over judges and audience alike at the Cannes Film Festival while making foreigners learn to spell the Greek for “Dogtooth.” George Lanthimos’s film distinguished itself thanks to the successful casting, and in particular the portrayal of the family’s youngest daughter by Mary Tsonis, better known as one half of the group «Mary And The Boy», who are currently taking a break from working together. Just prior to the release of the film in Greek cinemas, Mary took the time to answer our questions.

During filming did you ever imagine what it would have been like if the family in which you grew up was like the one portrayed in the film? The truth is I never thought about it in those terms, I think it’s a bit silly to identify with a part or a script. After all some things just work better on screen.

A break in your musical career brought you into acting; in which occupation do you feel more integrated? I like both music and film so I deal in parallel with both. Nor does the end of ‘Mary & the Boy’ mean an end to my career in music; everything flows.

What is the most scary thing or spooky part that you’ve experienced in Athens?
A simple description of the everyday reality in the centre of Athens is, I think enough. If you really want to be scared go for a ride through Omonia. That’s a real thriller.

In a previous life, what would you be – a Geisha in medieval Japan or a spy in occupied Paris, and why? Are they my only options? I’d choose being a spy in occupied Paris in that case because that sounds more adventurous.

Photos: Spyros Simotas